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Shraddhanjali to Swamini Amma

Shraddanjali to beloved Swamini Svatmabodhananda Saraswati Amma was held at Adhyatma Yoga Shala near Ragigudda Hanuman Mandir Jayanagar on Saturday 23rd November 2019. Devotees, students of Amma, long time associates, Swaminis and Swamijis, purvashrama Bandhus and Yoga students did their Pushpanjali and shared their reminiscences about Swamini Amma. The event aptly commenced with the Upanishad Parayanam by Chalkere brothers and their women disciples by chanting some of Amma’s favourite Upanishad portions. As she had completed series of 32 Ganpati Homas and facilitated Ganapathy Prathishtapanas we had Ganapathy Atharva Sheersham Parayanam. Sri Chellkere Brothers shared their reminiscences with Ammaji. It was interesting to know that they are grandsons of YogaGuru Sriman Krishnamacharya of KYM with whom Amma had a long term association. It was followed by Namasankeertanam by Swami Yogeshwaranandaji of Ramakrishna Yogashrama. Swami interspersed his reminiscences and greatness of Amma with his Bhajans. He sang soul stirring songs on Guru, Meera bhajan on Sri Krishna, Pujya Swamiji’s Bho Shambo and ended with the bhajan “Anandamayi- Chaitanya mayi- Satyamayi parame” which made all of us Dhyana of our beloved Swamini Amma.Our beloved Swamini Amma was particular about Swamiji’s Bhajans during Srimad Bhagawata Sapthahams organised by her.  Swami Yogeshwaranandaji, Swamini Bhoomavidyananda Saraswati, Swamini Suvidhayananda Saraswati, Srinivas Swamiji, Prof Raghuram ji of S-VYASA, Smt Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar, Smt Chitra Srinivas, Dr Nilima, Kum Ishwarya Chaitanya, Sri Jyoti from AIM for Seva and renowned author Sri Jatayu were amongst who participated and shared their memories with Swamini Amma. Sri Sivaraman of Adhyatma Yoga dedicated a beautiful Tamil Poem to Amma. Amma’s purvashrama son Sri Venkatesh joined us straight away from Rishikesh after performing her Shodasi ceremony there and shared Prasadam with us. Sri Subbu Bhaiya brought out Amma’s multifaceted dimensions all through the event and concluded that she lived and served a purpose and her life is her greatest teaching.  The event got concluded with Guru Stotra, Arati and Pushpanjali by all devotees. Ofcourse Mahaprasadam which included Amma’s favourite Brinjal- Badanekai-Kathrikkai Kotchu.It was overwhelming to see that few from far off places like Yelahanka and even Salem in Tamil nadu kept coming to offer their respects to Amma even after the event as they got delayed with traffic. Hari: Om.

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