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Adhyatma Yoga Foundation has a team of dedicated experts and resource faculty including doctorates in Yoga and allied subjects, researchers, consultants, Yoga Masters, Yoga Therapists, Teachers and Instructors, psychologists and counsellors. All Yoga trainers are certified from world renowned S-VYASA Yoga University and Adhyatma Yoga Institute.


To establish the relevance of SPIRITUAL YOGA in the modern times


To serve devoted seekers of all ages and all sectors in diving deep and finding purpose of life through YOGA-SPIRITUALITY


  • To bring out the relevance of Yoga as originally seen in the ancient Yoga – Spiritual lore in day- to –day Human life in modern times through in depth study, scientific research and experience.
  • To establish a Spiritually rooted Yoga institution to do research, teach and promote ancient classical Indian wisdom in general –particularly Yoga with all its streams & dimensions
  • To build a team which is enthusiastic to learn, practice, teach, promote and execute the above said dimensions of Yoga and allied subjects – consisting of quality Yoga instructors, teachers, therapists, Masters, consultants, volunteers and sadhakas (Spiritual aspirants and practitioners)
  • To design, structure and conduct application based courses, seminars, workshops, conferences and events including areas of Education – Primary to Higher Education Level, Holistic Personality Development, Life Style Disorder Management – Therapy, Holistic Health through Integrative Medicine, Management of Emotional problems like anger and stress, Corporate Trainings, women Empowerment, Leadership and Transformational workshops and retreats.
  • To ensure skill development and knowledge enhancement for Yoga instructors to combine the science of Yoga, with coordination of experts from Modern Medicine, AYUSH systems, Physiotherapy, Sports and Fitness,
  • To benefit all people of all ages – kids to senior citizens, and from all walks of life through our activities
  • Make sure we empower many of the unemployed youth from rural areas to create self employment and long term career enrichment in the field of Yoga and allied subjects
  • Create a metrics based organisation to develop a database of experience and document the same for advanced research and development of the ancient Yogic science
  • To publish quality literature including books, DVDS, magazines and journals and other merchandize to actualize the above mentioned objectives
  • To utilize the tools of media – mass media and social media to create awareness and educate mass on Yoga and its benefits


  • Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana(S-VYASA Yoga University)
  • Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India
  • Indian Yoga Association, New Delhi
  • Tamil Nadu Physical Education & Sports University, Chennai
  • Hindu University of America, Florida, USA
  • Project Self, New Jersey, USA
  • International Veg Union

To involve and implement Yoga in the holistic sense by incorporating in the following areas:

  1. SPIRITUAL – Spiritual events like retreats and sadhana camps for Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and other streams of Yoga, observance of festivals, commemoration of days associated with Yogis and Spiritual leaders, educational tours to places of Spiritual and Yogic significance
  2. SOCIAL – Social service including poor feeding, cleaning and hygiene drive, rural and tribal welfare, women welfare and empowerment, relief and rehabilitation works, health care and medical services
  3. EDUCATIONAL– Incorporating Yoga in the Holistic Sense in conventional education, value and moral education, free tuition and coaching, establishing and running library – books and digital forms, computer and other vocational training;
  4. CULTURAL– Promotion of ancient cultural traditions and art forms through teaching, publications and promotional events



Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher’s Training Course – PYTTC

    Eligibility Yoga Instructor’s Course Duration: Total no. of Hours: 25 hours + 6 hours of Evaluation & Group...