Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher’s Training Course – PYTTC





Yoga Instructor’s Course


Total no. of Hours: 25 hours + 6 hours of Evaluation & Group Discussions




1. Need for prenatal Yoga
2. Yogic – Vedic Concepts of Pregnancy
3. Basics of Female Anatomy conception to creation
4. Physiology of Pregnancy
5. Trimester Wise Maternal and fetal changes
6. Trimester Wise Common problems  and Yogic practices and solutions
7. Understanding Labour & delivery- Analgesia-  Common issues
8. Understanding Labour & delivery- Yogic practices and solutions-
9. Practices for back pain/sciatica
10. Postnatal period-Do’s and Don’ts-
11. Safety Tips with prenatal Yoga High risk pregnancy practices
12. Featal Talk and its impact in pregnancy
13. Vedic Matras/Stotras
14. Yogic Advanced Techniques CM, MSRT, PET
15. Ayurveda Concepts of Pregnancy, delivery and postnatal care
16. Lactation, Diet & Nutrition
17. Understanding the psyche of pregnant women, Need for emotional Counseling, Counseling methods &  Skills
18. Music, dance & Other forms of therapy
19 Group Discussions/Evaluation/Project/ Presentation/ Internship

Yoga Instructor Course

The Yoga Instructor’s course helps in personal transformation of the students and enable them to learn and instruct Yoga in...