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VARMA THERAPY COURSE @ Adhyatma Yoga on 4th & 5th March

Varmam or Marmam are locations in the body where vital life force is seen in high concentration. These locations are called Varma points or varmam clusters and function as vital force (Prana) generators. The action that causes loss or blockage of vital energy (Ki, Chi, Prana etc) at certain locations of pressure points, nerve junctions or bone joints is called Varma Adi or Varmam strike. The actual points, or nerve junctions etc themselves may be called Varmam.The systematic study, art or method of performing the actions in the application of martial arts/self defence is called Varmam or Varma Kalai. 
Varmam or Marmam has originated from deep south of the nation – Kanyakumari and is a very effective tool of therapy. There are hardly few traditional asanas who practice this ancient science of healing. Inorder to revive this ancient wisdom Sri Ramesh Babu has taken keen steps of establishing structured academic courses  and trainer Varmam healers. He has taken years of research, studies and hard work. He has quit his software job and has dedicated for this noble cause. 
Adhyatma Yoga has collaborated with Varma Kalpa Rejuvenation Centre of Sri Ramesh Babu to offer Varmam Therapy Course for the benefit of Bangalore aspirants. 
Sri Ramesh Babu conducted a 2 day Basic level course on 4th and 5th March at Adhyatma Yoga and 19 seekers participated enthusiastically and learnt this therapy. They were given the concept, Background, 108 varmam points and applications in healing.The students could learn by practical demonstration on each other. As most of traditional healers cannot speak other than Tamil, this knowledge did not spread to other parts. Thanks to Sri Ramesh Babu and his family including his elder brother Sri Sathish Babu, now this knowledge is available in English language for the benefit of humanity. 
The students had a great time learning and they are keen in taking ahead the learning to advanced level. Adhyatma Yoga thank profusely Sri Ramesh Babu and his team for this noble service. We thank our beloved sister Selvi and Sri Abarajithan for their hard work to make it happen. 

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