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Dr Khader Vali

Food Scientist Mysuru

Millet Man Dr Khader Vali, a US-returned scientist has dedicated his life to building a healthy society after resigning from a lucrative job in an MNC. He is an Alumni of the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, IISc, Bengaluru. His research on millets and health benefits of millets for everyone is now in the form of a book ‘Siri Lokam’. He was born in Andhra Pradesh but based in Mysuru. He talks of his inspiration behind leaving a comfortable job to pursue research in millets – “When I heard that a six-year-old girl menstruated, I was shocked at the news, which is unnatural, and I started exploring healthier options.” According to him it is time people shifted to eating millets that have more fibre and are extremely beneficial to people especially those suffering from chronic conditions like Diabetics, Thyroid, PCOD etc., He especially stressing on the five magic millets – Foxtail Millets (Korra Biyyam), Little millet (Saamelu), Kodo Millet (Arikalu), Barnyard (Oodalu) and Browntop Millets (Andu Korralu). He has shown that millets can cure almost every conceivable disease including cancer. Moreover, they could prevent cancers.He is also an expert in Homeopathy medicine and has a great appreciation for Yoga and ancient Indian wisdom. He quotes from the Bhagawat Gita and other scriptures in his talks.

His talks are broadcast in television channels and are well attended by thousands of seekers.

Pre-Natal Yoga Teacher’s Training Course – PYTTC

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