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SMART YOGA- Stress Management Workshop on 14th Oct.2018

SMART YOGA –  Stress Management through Relaxation Techniques of YOGA is an unique experiential workshop at Adhyatma Yoga. The day long workshop got started at 10 am and concluded at 4 pm on 14th October Sunday. The participants included IT professionals, Bankers, Govt officials, Entrepreneurs and Yoga Teachers as well. Yogi Subbu Bhaiya ji took them through a journey in understanding the causes and symptoms of stress and it’s impact on our daily and professional life both in terms of ancient Yogic lore and modern science and taught Yogic Relaxation Techniques to compat stress. The participants enjoyed the meditation, energizing techniques and laughter fun Yoga led by Subbu ji.The feedback was overwhelming. Sri Umesh who is an IT professional said that he had been visiting hospitals a lot due to various health complications he had and for the first time he could stay whole day relaxed. MS. Mamata who had recently quit her corporate job due to over stressful situations there conveyed a great relief thro’ the workshop. Mr Venu conveyed that he could feel better results in one day itself. All participants left with great understanding, clarity and joy requesting for more such events in the future.

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