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Naturopathy day celebrations: Seminar on Naturopathy for Healthy Life

Naturopathy is one the traditional systems of health and is part of the AYUSH Systems. The AYUSH ministry has declared 18th November as Naturopathy Day since 2018. This year Adhyatma Yoga Academy had organised a Free Awareness Seminar on Naturopathy on account of the Naturopathy Day on 22nd November 2019 at our Ragigudda Shala. Dr Asha Manjunath, Naturopathy consultant spoke on the system of Naturopathy, it’s various treatments with a particular emphasis on daily home remedies, diet and nutrition. The good number of participants also interacted with good questions which were answered by Dr Asha. There was a good display of various items related to Naturopathy for the participants to see and understand. Yogi Subbu Bhaiya in his introductory speech gave the traditional roots of Naturopathy from Ancient Scriptural lore. He spoke on the five fundamental elements of pancha maha bhutas being in cosmos as well as individual levels of existence. How when state of natural well being gets altered, the body composed of the five fundamental elements heal on its own with the external support of aspects of the same fundamental elements of pancha maha bhutas. He also explained the evolution of the five fundamental elements from Purusha and Prakruti as per Veda and Sankya Shastra. The famous Lakshmi Ashtottara starts with the name “Om Prakrutyai Namaha”, as we know Nature is called Prakruti in Sanskritam. General belief is that Lakshmi is Goddess of wealth. But the very first name of Lakshmi here as Prakruti confirms nature as the most important wealth. In Sanskritam the word Pathi denotes husband. As we know, Lakshmi pathi is Sriman Narayana whose Healing form is Danvantri, the Lord of Health. Thus Subbu Bhaiya humourously mentioned that the term Naturopathy indicates Lord Danvantri as He is Lakshmi Pathi, means Prakruti Pathi and thus Naturopathy. All participants were given herbal drinks and free consultation. Dr Asha Manjunath and Dr Narendran both Naturopathy Practicioners were felicitated on behalf of Adhyatma Yoga Academy.

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